Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm a Giant, Elsa and Super Happy!

Olá, family and friends!

New area means a lot of new changes... this area is awesome! But I'm still adjusting to all of the things that are super different.

First off... I feel like Dorothy when she says "Todo... we're not in Kansas anymore." Umm because I'm thinking to myself "Sister Hill... you're not in Palmas, Tocantins anymore." I've had to say that to myself a couple times. Brasília is super different. But I'm already learning to love it!!

It's a huge change going from 13 hours away from the mission home... to the zone that have the APS, the secretaries, everything. Our mission president comes to see some of the baptisms here in these wards. It's so amazing. And the plus is that the APS are in my zone, so they can bring me packages and letters and stuff to zone meetings :) it's pretty fantastically awesome. Already loving these things. We're never gonna be short on Books of Mormon or Planners like Palmas is all the time :/

This ward, Núcleo Bandeirante, is absolutely incredible. Yesterday was my first Sunday there, and sitting there in sacrament meeting made me feel like I was home in the Moss Hill ward. It was the best feeling ever. Such an amazing ward... and they are suuuuuper good with missionary work. They really understand the magnitude of being a missionary!! They offer to go out with the missionaries. In Palmas that is absolutely insane, I felt like asking members to go teach with us was like pulling teeth haha. Here the members are incredible. I'm so excited to work with them!!

We're already working with a family: David (dad, doctor, really really really smart, non-member), Rosilda (inactive since 18 years old, stay-at-home mom), David (12 years old, super chill non-member), and Lucas (5 years old, the cutest most adorable little boy i've ever met in my life). This family is amazing. Being in their home I felt like I was in my own house because there are airplanes and scout-like stuff everywhere (haha dad and jack:). Rosilda is coming back to church... and we're going to teach her husband and son!! He broke his arm, was resting from work... and he started thinking about religion. They went to church the Sunday before I came here, and now he's super interested. We went to their house, he was asking us a bunch of questions... know how much time we spent there teaching him? 4 HOURS. 4 hours. Teaching pretty much EVERYTHING. Me and Sister Alvarez talking after was funny... "Sister... we just taught a DOCTOR for 4 HOURS." A very humbling experience to feel the Spirit speaking through you. Especially to a man of this intelligence. We gave them one of those Book of Mormons for kids with the pictures, he (David, the dad) was reading it all sacrament meeting.
Only the gospel can bring a doctor to read a picture book. :) The most humbling thing I've seen in a long time. <3

Living here in an apartment is fun, it's just me and Sister Alvarez. I love playing the guitar after we finish planning these days. We have lots of fun with that. :) 

If you or anybody in the family ever have an opportunity to go visit somebody with the missionaries... go!! They need it!! And the investigators need it and members need visits and everybody needs it.
A member that offers to help the missionaries... is such a blessing. Here in the mission we recognize that. We really recognize the members that are there to help, and the members that say they're there... but really aren't.
The members that really do help us, that really are there for us... I try to pray individually for them because we're just sograteful for the help that they give us.
I know that being in lessons and visiting people with the missionaries will be a blessing in your lives. <3

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty much the tallest person in this city hahahaha. Everybody here is short. And I'm ridiculously tall. So that's a fun thing.
Everybody here things I speak the language super well!! Super different, cause nobody in Tocantins ever told me I speak well normally... but here, it goes like this. Every time. Without fail:

"Where are you from?"
"United States!"
"Wow! How long have you been here in Brazil?"
"5 months! Almost 6."
*here they turn to my companion and say* "And she already speaks like this?"


There's this little 6-year-old girl named Sara. The first time I met her, she said:
"You look EXACTLY like Elsa!"
"Elsa? Is Elsa your friend?"
"No! Elsa from Frozen!"

I almost cried of happiness because thats only my favorite movie in the world... *tear*
She said the same thing to me yesterday. "You're Elsa!" I just want to hug her every time she says that. She's too adorable.

Oh, and everybody here is saying that I'm blonde!!!!! The Tocantins sun really bleached my hair. It's way lighter than when I got here, for sure... interesting. I've never been blonde. O.o

Besides that, life is good here. Just knowing the area and getting used to all of the new perks! We ate at McDonald's today. Oh yeah, there's tons of them here. #Brasíliaperks
And there's a Subway close to our house. #thatwillbenext

Loving this Brasil life. Thank you for everybody that keeps me in your prayers :) Pray for a missionary experience!! I know you'll feel the blessings of that!!  

And if you can, go to the temple for me? I've been feeling so much homesickness for the temple lately <3

Muito amor,
Sister (Bras)Hill

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