Monday, March 16, 2015

Chicken Feet

Dear family and friends,

Oi! Hope everybody had a fantastic week. This week was full of sooo many things, I'm going to try to share as much as I can in this one email! :) Vamos ver como vai ser... (desculpa, eu amo português, eu vou colocar português nos meus emails, se você quer saber o que falam, tem que colocar em Google Tradutor ;)

First off... spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! Was my first time speaking in Church since my farewell talk... so that was definitely weird. But it went great! I have a cold, so I was a little worried that the cold was going to throw me off and I wouldn't be able to communicate my thoughts as well as I wanted to... but it was awesome. I'm so grateful that the Spirit helped me through that <3 at the beginning of my talk I made a comment that "I pray that the Spirit will help you be able to understand what I want to say, I know my português isn't perfect." After the meeting everybody that complimented me was all "What?? How could you even say that? You practically speak better than I do!" It was hilarious kkk :) Miracles are so real. <3
My talk was based on a devotional given by Brad Wilcox titled "His Grace is Sufficient." I shared the story about the piano lessons and a couple of quotes from his talk... it was weird translating things haha but I managed, everything made sense in the end :) I love love love this talk. If you haven't watched it or read it, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. It's honestly lifechanging.
It gives you a completely different perspective on how we use the Atonement in our lives and why we actually live the gospel.

More stuff...
As of last Tuesday, I officially have 6 months in the mission! People say "Wow, that probably passed by way fast..." Ummm no it actually passed by really slowly haha. But, the day that I arrived in the CTM feels like it was yesterday... #CTMmemories

There's another video that I and Sister Alvarez have been sharing lately.
I could introduce the video, but he says things much better than I ever could.
Just watch it. It's a Mormon Message so it has to be good, right?
We have to make the decision to forgive before the moment arrives that it will be necessary.

We're going to start teaching Cadu (Carlos Eduardo), the boyfriend of a member in the ward. We weren't thinking that he really wanted his own testimony... but the last time we went there, he told us all about how he really wants to work to have his own testimony. Surprised us both. He's already been to church 2 times, we set a baptismal date with him for the 28th of March... #prayforhim

Jemilhe is an 8-year-old girl that inspires me every time we go to see her. She has the goal to be baptized, but she's been wanting to wait until her grandma comes to town... and who knows when that will be. Could be in Septemer. So, we had a good conversation with her the other day about baptism and the Holy Ghost. She said she wants to be baptized because she wants the Holy Ghost with her always, because she knows that means she will be happy!! That was amazing to me. We talked about how she wants to be happy now instead of having to wait until her grandma comes to have the Spirit with her all the time!! We're hoping that she can baptize on the 26th, a day that she felt impressed she needed to baptize a while ago :) #prayforhertoo

We were getting off the bus the other day and a girl was like "Sister!" and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked to see who it was, it was a girl I did not recognize... we got off the bus and got talking, her name is Marcella, she's 17, and she's been going to church frequently for the past YEAR. Already has a testimony, already knows the Church is true... And she's not baptized!! We're hoping that she can be baptized this weekend <3 #prayforhertoo

Things are going great her. I love this ward, I feel like I'm home in this ward. <3
Thank you for the support that I receive from you! I love you all.

Sister Hill

P.S. ate chicken feet this week. #yuck #doesntevenhaveanymeatonit #notevenflavorful #iwillneverunderstandwhypeopleeatit

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