Monday, March 9, 2015

A Fantastic Week!

Família e amigos,

Olá! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. Here in Brasília it's raining a ton, and it's even a little cold!! Grateful for the sweaters I brought!

David, Rosilda and fam are amazing. They came to church again this week... for the 3rd time. The lesson in Gospel Principles was perfect for David (father). It was about the scriptures and how we can search our own answers. A member of the stake was present, and he bore his testimony of the end of how grateful he is for the choice he made to be baptized! It was so inspiring to me, and a complete miracle for me and Sister Alvarez.
They left sacrament meeting super fast, we didn't get a chance to say bye to them before they took off. But when we were in a less-active's house a few hours later, we received a text from Rosilda saying that they were sorry they didn't get a chance to say bye, that they loved us and they sent "beijos"... it was the cutest thing we had seen all day, we just died <3

Maria is the mother of 2 girls, Alanessa and Àlane, who are both baptized. Maria is already a member... just that she's not baptized because she's not married. She even pays her tithing. She's absolutely incredible. But we set a baptismal date forApril 4th, and tomorrow--by miracle--we're going to see about a wedding date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so so so so so so excited. Miracles truly happen.

I've been doing my best to read the Conference talks when I can as we're preparing for conference that's coming up next month!
I love Carlos A. Godoy's talk titled 'The Lord Has A Plan For Us', has such great principles.
But I especially love this part in the end:
"Just because things are going well does not mean that we should not from time to time consider whether there might be something better."

Sometimes our lives are just coasting. We're living everything right, things are going great, we're comfortable!
But the Lord knows better, and He has a plan for us.
Don't be afraid to make life-changing decisions... sometimes our life needs a little bit of change. <3

All is well here in Núcleo Bandeirante, the Lord is in control, and I'm grateful every day for the things I'm learning.
I'm grateful for those of you who keep me in your prayers <3

Muito amor,
Sister Hill :*

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