Monday, March 30, 2015

Conference Is Coming!!!

This week was long but good :)

These past days we've been visiting references from members, it's awesome when the members really get involved.
We visited the friends of a member of the ward, she went with went super well! We know that this friend is really important to Patricia, so I was a little nervous... but it's really an incredible thing how the Spirit just takes over. I'm so grateful I don't ever have to be concerned about what to say. Because the Spirit does all the teaching. Really takes the pressure off sometimes. :) The Spirit is incredible.

We also went to Élida's house to meet with her friend that we met, Taynna. Taynna had started a WhatsApp conversation with some friends about who is God/Jesus Christ, if they're the same person... we happened to be at Èlida's house during this conversation, and Elida asked us if she should respond with what she believes! So of course we said UH YEAH YOU SHOULD, and she did!
This comment turned into a visit at Élida's house with Taynna! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she picked it up SO FAST, I was absolutely amazed. For a girl who hasn't ever gone to a church frequently, I was so impressed with how quickly she learned the lesson and the doctrine. We set a baptismal date with her for April 26th, we're excited to see her progress! She committed to come to General Conference, we really are hoping she'll come!

We're still working with David and Rosilda. He says that he doesn't want to be baptized "out of respect for the Church"... nobody understands what he means by that. He really wants to know everything before he's baptized, he wants to be close to perfect... we're praying really hard for him. He's already been to church 5 times, knows just about everything... he loves the Book of Mormon. And he loves listening to the Primary Music, he's even learning some of the songs on his clarinet.
We know he's going to be a stake president or something someday. All in the Lord's time. <3 #imlearningpatience

We love the Ganbold family, the family from Mongolia! They invited us to dinner yesterday... Sister Oyunaa made us dumplings, they were sooooo good. <3 #ilovemongolianfood

I've been reviewing October General Conference, I love it. Such good messages in that conference. I hope everybody is excited for Conference this Sunday :)
I also remembered that this week is EASTER. Here in Brasil it's 'Semana Santa', Holy Week. I don't think it's as huge of a festival/party as it is in other countries, but I do know that on Friday, nobody eats meat... everybody eats fish instead. Interesting tradition. It'll be interesting to see that this week. I'm excited to see how it will be :)

I really do love Brazil. Love the people. Love the culture. These days it's raaaaainy, cold rain. But then a few hours after, it's nice and sunny again if not really hot. Gotta love crazy Brasília.

But really, the patience I'm learning here is fantastic. No, it's not fun... and sometimes I get super frustrated when people know that the gospel is true but they still don't want to act on it. Sigh. All in the Lord's time. I keep having to tell myself that hehe.

If you haven't seen the Easter video yet, watch it:

Hope everybody has a great General Conference weekend, share it with everybody you know! We have a living prophet who speaks to us today... how cool is that?

I love you all, have a great week!

Muito amor,
Sister Hill

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