Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference + Easter = Best Day Ever!

Olá, família e amigos! Espero que todo mundo teve uma boa semana...

This week was wonderful... conference! I loved loved loved conference. I was planning on watching it in English, because in Brasília enough missionaries and members speak English that they put the English transmission in another room... but it wasn't working. So I watched all five (including the General Women's Meeting) in portuguese! I'm super gratefu for the gift of tongues.. without it, I wouldn't have understood a thing! But I know Heavenly Father helped me that I was able to understand everything. <3
And the daughter of a recent-convert came to conference with her mom and two children!! It was so awesome to meet her, we want to meet with them this week and hopefully set some baptism dates :D

Transfer was this morning... and Sister Alvarez and I stay here in Bandeirante! I'm super grateful because I love her soooo much, and I love this area... and there's so many people we still need to work with together! Super gratefu :)

This afternoon we moved! To a WAY bigger apartment... this apartment has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, it's enormous. We still have to go back and clean the old apartment... we're thinking that President will send elders next transfer to work with the Sisters. Should be interesting.
I was SO impressed with how much the ward helped with the move... we just had to talk with our Bishop, and in 3 hours we moved everything from one apartment to the other. There were about 8 people helping, it went so fast. I was so grateful for members that stepped up to help us. It was so incredible to see after the Palmas moving-house-disaster when nobody wanted to help us. Good members make such a difference!

We never saw David and Rosilda and their family in any Conference sessions... we're going to visit them this week and see what went on.

Maria is now saying that she wants to separate from Chico because he's saying that he doesn't want to get married anymore... sigh. We're still working with them.

I loved loved Easter, the members we had lunch with on Sunday gave us a huge box of chocolates. :)

Life is good, change is scary but it's so good for us!!
Pray for a missionary experience this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, muito amor e beijos!
Sister Hill

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