Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Baptismal Dates!!!!!

Oi gente! Esta semana foi boa... tivemos um MONTE de milagres esta semana, eu ainda não acredito.

Highlights from the week:
Birthday Party/Family night on Monday (eu amo bolo.)

Lunch with David, Rose, David and Lucas!!

We marked 5 baptismal dates in one day with people we love and have been waiting for <3
We finally met with the grandchildren and daughter of Geralda, a recent convert in the ward! This woman was suuuuuuper religious before she joined the church, she started 2 churches, knows the Bible better than the back of her hand... but now she really has this fire of testimony in her, she's sharing the gospel with her entire family! Saturday morning she came and picked us up (impossible to walk there.) and we went to her house to meet her daughter and grandchildren! one of the granddaughters is Jessica, she speaks English and was super excited to talk with us and find out more about us.
We ended up teaching Angela (the daughter), Larissa (granddaughter, daughter of Angela) and Jessica with Geralda present... the Spirit was super, super strong. It was so amazing to see how the Lord has prepared everything, Geralda needed to join first to help them meet the gospel... they really felt the Spirit and accepted baptismal dates for May 2nd/3rd! We're excited to continue teaching them, it will be a challenge since they only meet on Saturdays.

Cadu... exists still, member's boyfriend. He's already had a date that fell through, but after he almost died on his motorcycle last week we went back as he really needs the gospel in his life right now. He's always been a little skeptical about receiving answers, so when we finished teaching him the Restoration and how the Book of Mormon came to be, and the promise in the Book of Mormon, he asked us, "Has there ever been anybody who hasn't received an answer?" What a powerful thing to tell him that no, there hasn't been anybody who has asked with a sincere heart and real intent!! He also accepted a baptismal date for May 2nd, we're so excited for him <3

Eva (mother of Jefferson and Sandro), who rejected marking a date for baptism because it wasn't time yet.. finally accepted!!!! She said that she knew the time was right. Because now her sons are returning to Church. :) Sandro and Jefferson both talked with Bishop and everything is great for them coming back, the three of them were in Church together and they were in white shirts <3 

Sunday was amazing to see Geralda's family in church, they all were commenting and reading and participating, they loved it!!!!!!! I love this family. And Eva was there with her 2 sons are coming back, and Cadu went with Marcio's family to another ward because they went out of town (we think, still need to talk to them)...

I realized yesterday that LOVE is such a huge thing. When we selflessly LOVE people and truly forget about ourselves, we feel the Spirit and have spiritual experiences. And when we have spiritual experiences, our testimony is strengthened!!
There is really something amazing about completely forgetting yourself and getting to work. Like President Hinckley's father said... "FORGET YOURSELF AND GET TO WORK." 

Oh, and President Holland's talk from Conference is still blowing my mind.

Tenha uma boa semana. Nunca esqueça que Deus está esperando a levantar-nos quando cairmos.
Só levante-se de novo. Nunca desista.

Amo vocês! Até mais.
Sister Hill

photos to come next week since this week didn't work :)

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