Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 BAPTISMS!!! and Fun Pictures

Hope everybody had a fantastic week! We saw lots of miracles this week.

This SUNDAY we will not be having 1... not 2... BAPTISMS.
I still can't believe it.

So Geralda's family! Angela with her kids? They all came to Stake Conference yesterday (which was AWESOME, I took so many notes... it was so so good. lots of great stuff about missionary work.)
It was great to see so many investigators there, Rose and David were there with Lucas & David III, Leonardo (friend of a member who's reactivating) was there, it was awesome.

After the meeting, we were all leaving (you know how it is with Mormons leaving chapels... suuuuperr slowwwww.) and I went up to Angela and asked her if she liked the meeting. Her response:
"It was fantastic... question, what do I have to do to be baptized? Can I be baptized this Saturday?"
I had to stop myself from squealing there in the middle of the chapel... so we planned to do it on Sunday so Bishop can announce the baptism in the meeting.
Then Giovanna, 9 years old (Angela's daughter) was there, and I asked her if she would like to be baptized with her mom... and she said yes with the biggest smile on her face. Geralda (her grandma) said that she gathers the family every night and reads the Book of Mormon to them... what 9 year old does that?! <3

And Gabriel and Larissa, the other 2 children, will be baptized with them!!

AND Eva will be baptized this Sunday as well, we just need to finish the lessons with her as she has already known the gospel for 20 years now... she told us that she told herself that she would be baptized when her sons returned to church. <3 the Lord sooo knows what we need and when we need it. <3 I'm so grateful He is in charge of this work.

And every day I am grateful for a companion that loves me because every time I see a cockroach in our house I freak out. And Sister 
Alvarez says she loves the sound they make when you step on them, so she's perfectly fine getting rid of them for me. <3 I love her to death.

And every day I am still amazed at the miracle of the Book of Mormon. I have been devouring 2 Nephi chapter 3, it had never occurred to me the miracle of the brass plates with the records of Joseph of Egypt, and that he saw Joseph Smith and the Restoration... how cool is that? I love that the Book of Mormon has so many pieces to the puzzle that the Bible doesn't have. and Ive realized that as I read the Book of Mormon, it strengthens my testimony of everything else. EVERYTHING.
I have a testimony that as we read the Book of Mormon, really study and ponder it... any answer we have about the restored gospel can be answered. It is the keystone to our religion. <3

Have a fantastic week! Here are pictures. The picture with us on the couch with the family is David and Rose and David and Lucas :)
I also attached a picture of the POURING RAIN.

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