Monday, March 23, 2015

Ate Mongolian food... I love this ward! Angels love helping ward members

Dear family and friends,

This week was full of so many adventures! I'll try to hit the highlights.

Friday we received a call from our Zone Leader that they found a family in the Rodoviária... a family of members, from MONGOLIA!! But they don't speak any portuguese! Only English. He passed the phone number/address as they are in our area.
I called up Brother Gambold, we marked to meet with them on Saturday to get to know them and help them find a ward to attend.
Sister Alvarez and I went to their place on Saturday... they're living in this suuuuuuuper nice hotel, I felt unholy just walking in this place. o.O But we went to their house, this family is suuuuuuuper sweet!
Brother Gambold and his wife, with their 25-year-old daughter Emmy! Brother Gambold is here on work for the Embassy of Mongolia (yeah, he's all official), and he learned a liiiiittle bit of English from the missionaries in Mongolia. We were able to communicate. The mother and daughter don't speak hardly anything, but they are so sweet!
Sister Gambold made us Mongolian lunch, it was officially the best Asian food I've ever had IN MY LIFE. So, so, so so good. Then we ate Mongolian ice cream. And she gave us Mongolian ice cream to take home. #lovethesepeople

Then they were all excited when we started understanding that Emmy (she is legally deaf) was Miss Asia in a pageant!! (Miss and Mister Deaf International Pageant)... and she was MISS ASIA. She dances amazingly, she was even in a music video for some famous Mongolian singer. What is this?! Who are these people?! Um, FAMOUS?! And their family owns a Mongolian TV station!!
They put us in Mongolian queen clothing... we felt like princesses :3

Brother Gambold started showing us pictures of people he's meet when he was in Mongolia working for the government there... he showed us ap icture of when he met JACKIE CHAN. This man met Jackie Chan!! So I almost shook Jackie Chan's hand, because I shook the hand of a man who has met Jackie Chan... it's kind of the same thing, right?! :)

So we had to get them a ward to go to! They told us they had been to an other ward here but they didn't like it because the people weren't friendly... so we arranged for them to come to our ward on Sunday.
They came... and they LOVED IT! They couldn't talk with almost anybody, there's probably 6 members in the ward that speak English, they were fantastic. But they loved it! The members totally embraced them, even though they didn't speak anything. It was the most amazing thing to see. This ward is amazing.

The ward is really trusting us with references!! Coolest thing ever. I am loving this ward so much! Yesterday was Ward Conference, and I played the piano for "Master the Tempest is Raging" for the Ward Choir... they sounded fantastic!! There were definitely angels ;) Loved the Spirit in the meetings. Super grateful for the gift of tongues. I love portuguese so so much. <3

That was my adventure this week! Loving the ward here, the members are super super awesome. Love this area. <3

I've been reflecting a lot on the story of Lehi's dream. We had an activity in a FHE last night where we had a cord that was "the iron rod", and the family closed their eyes to arrive at another point in the room. Other family members had to arrive at the other point in the room without holding on to the rod, but with their eyes still closed. They almost ran into some things haha:) was such a great reminder on how we NEED the word of God in our lives. We need it! There is no way to arrive at the love of God, the Atonement, without holding onto the words of the prophets, the Gospel, everything. The Iron Rod is so necessary!

Hope everybody is getting ready for Conference that's coming up:) I'm excited <3

Espero que tenham uma boa semana, amo muito vocês!

Até a semana que vem,
Sister Hill 

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