Monday, February 23, 2015

Double Baptism and Many Miracles:)

Olá, amigos e família!

This week we had many, many miracles!!

We went to visit Adailton. Turns out, he had actually MOVED without telling us. After 2 days of searching and asking everybody who had lived next to him or known him... the father of a member in our ward told us that he had seen him on the street. It was literally a scavenger hunt to try and find him. We were walking in the pouring, freezing rain, I was about to give up hope... when Sister Miranda said "He's there" and started walking towards a white tarp-looking structure over in the grass. We found him!!! And he just "happens" to live next to/be friends with one of our investigators, Aliciane!!
#idontbelieveincoincidences #dontexist
It was such a miracle to find him. Truly an answer to prayer.

We had the baptismal interview for Andreia, FINALLY!!!! I've only been waiting for this day for THREE TRANSFERS!! It was so great to see her come out of that interview with Rodrygo waiting for her, excited for her baptism the following day.SLast     
Last night we got our call about transfers... I was so certain I was going to stay. And if I would be transferred, I would be transferred within Zona Palmas. I wasn't going down to Brasília.  But Elder Benedetti called and told us that I would go down to Brasília and find out my area when I got there... I would get onboard the 13-hour bus at 7:30pm Sunday.

So that was a bit of a shock. I wasn't expecting that at all. But I packed my things.

Get to church on Sunday, and Sandreane and the kids were there (Junior, 12 years old, has a date for baptism but we conversed and decided he wanted to wait for his dad to watch the baptism). We found out that he told the whole young men's class that he was going to be baptized that day!!! Completely to our surprise! He hadn't been interviewed, hadn't even been taught everything yet... but we conversed with him, and he said that he was ready! That he didn't have to wait for his dad, he would be baptized on Sunday.
I was so excited to know that I would be there for the baptism of Andreia and Junior, 2 investigators that are very, very special to me.

So we had a double baptism! It was wonderful. Very spiritual experience to see 2 completely different stories. The son of a less-active member, who I know will help his entire family reactive in the church, and the spouse of a recent convert. Those moments made yesterday, hands down, one of the happiest days in my entire life.

But it quickly turned into one of the saddest days of my life when I had to say bye to everybody... I cried more than I've cried in a long time. I did not want to say goodbye to any of those people. I didn't want to leave... but I made it through that.

I was transferred here to Zona Brasília!! Nucleo Bandeirante is my new area. And I'm here with Sister Alvarez, who has 10 months in the mission. She's from Guatemala, and super cool! I'm so excited to be here. I'll miss my adventures in Tocantins... even though it was soooo hot. But I'm grateful for this new start, new people... a new adventure. :)

I hope you are all well, have an awesome week! Pray for missionary experiences!!!! :) <3

Muito amor,

Sister Hill

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