Monday, February 1, 2016

Thiago's Baptism

Oi para todos,

Thiago this week was super hard because at the beginning of the week we heard that he didn't want to be baptized anymore...and I was doing STL exchanges with Sister Amaral (old comp) here in Taquaralto and we walked the entire city to get to his school to find him, the Lord truly performs miracles and after what I felt was a huge fight with the adversary Thiago was baptized on Saturday 💜 
When I told him that his name in english is 'James' he decided that since he's changed as a person he should change his name too, and now he goes around telling everybody that his name is James. Thiago is too funny. :) It was a beautiful baptismal service, his mom is super happy ❤

I have truly felt Heavenly Father's blessings poured upon me this week... no it hasn't been an easy week, but I know that your prayers are what keep me going. I know that these last few weeks will be the hardest and I've never felt so tired but I'm still going, still going... and I won't stop until I get off the plane in Salt Lake City International.

I love you all, thank you for supporting me in this time, I feel the power of your prayers and I know now more than ever that Heavenly Father is taking care of me here.

Muito amor e abraços,
Sister Hill 🌎💋

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