Wednesday, February 10, 2016

17 Day Countdown!!!!!!!!!

Oiiiii gente,

This week was loonnggggg and we worked our tails off but we made it to the end... and yes I'm late in writing because this weekend was CARNAVAL and holy cow it's hard to find an internet cafe open during Carnaval...

but yeah so I'm good and alive and working and working and workinggg harder than ever before. As President Eyring says in the video Missionary Work and the Atonement, "my body begs for rest." But I'm going ❤

This week we ate lunch at a recent convert's house Agda, and her sister (Karynny) was there... and after lunch right before everybody was leaving I felt impressed to talk to her about the church and baptism, and we made a goal for the 13th of February... I'm so, SO grateful for the Spirit and how He literally guides me and directs me here in the mission field. On Sunday her sister had already gone out of town, and when I was playing the piano on the stand I was looking to see if she came and I didn't see her... and then after a little while I saw her on the pew with Agda's kids... she took them to church by herself. She's only 18, and she's super quiet but when you get her talking about the things of the gospel she opens up. I'm super proud of her, I don't know if she'll be baptized this Saturday like we planned because we're on exchanges here in Gurupi right now (4 hours away from our area) but next Saturday for sure!!!

Adão is a man we found last week, he was a street contact that was sitting in front of his house, and we didn't feel anything too strongly about him but we did about his neighbor... when we went to visit his neighbor Solande she turned out to not want anything to do with changing or coming unto Christ, and we thought 'let's go one more time to see if Adão's home' and he was home! We taught him about the Restoration and gave him the Book of Mormon, and he committed to come to church on Sunday.
But as this is Tocantins I always doubt if anybody will really go, right...

And Sunday morning he was there!! Said he had read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it's true, he's still waiting his response... but we went back this week and everything is set for him to be baptized on the 20th!!
If everything works out right, on the 20th we'll get to see Karynny, Adão and Rogério (our Sunday miracle) will be baptized!

Rogério, our miracle, a young guy who went to church in Palmas 3 in the center of Palmas and met with the Elders, and when they said that there's the church here in Taquaralto he got super excited!! We had tried to visit him 2 times (as his house is suuuuper fa away), and he was never home. And he doesn't have any telephone contact info. So we forgot about him.
And Sunday he showed up in church and stayed for the whole 3 hours!! I gave him the Book of Mormon after gospel principles, i'm excited for our next app. Friday morning.

The Lord has truly led us to the elects 💜 No it isn't easy, and it isn't quick... because as Elder Holland says, "Salvation was never easy."
Persistence. And patience.

17 days left, gente.
Yesterday President came to Tocantins, it was so wonderful to talk with him about how much I have changed these past few months and how my mission truly has changed my life.
Too trunky... "See you in Brasília in 2 weeks."
Aslkdjflakjweoiruweproiualsdjfk. #mixedfeelings

But so yeah I'm in Gurupi right now, we'll get back to Taquaralto Friday morning...and then will begin my last week and a half in the mission field. Too crazy!!

Os amo muitooooo, muito mesmo... os vejo daqui a pouco. Vai voar, já sei.

Muito amor,
Sister Hill 🍛🌴☀ (<-- the Tocantins sun)

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