Monday, February 22, 2016

Last Week's Letter (just arrived)

Oiii pessoal,

This past week was loooong but good, we finished the exchanges in was super nice to spend some special time with people there that I really care about. And asking for end-of-mission advice. ✨

Karynny is doing wonderfully...for 18 years old she really is mature, she has a new light in her eyes that she didn't have before, she said how sad she is that we'll be leaving after we just met each other...but I know that she will help the ward missionary work, she is awesome. We're excited for her baptism on Saturday.

Adão didn't go to church on Sunday and we couldn't find him at home yesterday, we don't know what happened... :/ but if everything works out, he'll be baptized on Sunday after sacrament meeting.

I know that this next week will be crucial for my spiritual growth as I finish my mission... next Monday (last p-day) the suitcases will be packed and I'll be on a bus to Brasília, next week will be spent there. I'm anxious... but determined to work until the very very END. I can't waste a single minute.

This week I've been pondering a talk by Sister Linda S. Reeves that was given in the October 2015 General Conference, it really hit home with me...such a war cry to everything that is good, everything that is of God. Read it if you have a chance. ❤

This is it, email is my last! I hope everybody has a wonderful week, thank you for your prayers and support. Amo todos vocês. 💜

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