Monday, November 2, 2015

The Rainy Season Has Arrived!

This week was nothing at all what I expected. 💞 We stayed in Palmas until Thursday because we had a Zone Conference on Wednesday with our Zone, and since we're 4 hours away from everybody we never have zone conferences during the transfer so this was our only one. :)
I got to see some families from Palmas that I have missed sooooooo much, it was so good to see them. Gonig back to some of the places I walked and worked and seeing familiar streets...feels almost like yesterday that I was here. It is the weirdest feeling.
Such an amazing feeling to hug and greet people that you haven't see in so long. Such a privilege to return to my first area where I started my mission...and of course everybody was so surprised with how good my português is, that I actually talk normally now 😉

The rain has started here in Gurupi, a cute city with about 80,000 people and lots of great food. 💦 It is a branch here, it just needs a few more priesthood holders until it can become a ward. There's a lot of work to be done here..and of course I'm the only person who plays piano. I'll be the new 'organist' of the branch. 🎼 And I plan on using my guitar here too.

I've been drinking lots of chimarrão as I brought my cuia from Cristalina and bought herb here in Gurupi. :) I'm a happy gaúcha.

The goal of Zona Tocantins and it was a personal goal I set for myself before zone conference (no coincidences, right?)... read Preach My Gospel in 1 transfer, cover to cover. First week down and I'm still going strong, only about 6 pages a day. I love Preach My Gospel, it is truly one of the most inspired works of the Church. I know that it truly was revealed by prophets, seers and revelators...and that it's for ALL the members of the Church, not just the missionaries!!!
I challenge you to go read a little of PMG this week. It will change your life and you'll find answers to prayers!!

Love you all, thank you for the prayers and support.. I am so grateful for the trust that the Lord has in me to take care of His sheep here in Tocantins. I know that He didn't send me back here for no reason.

Muito amor,

Sister (Braz)Hill 💜🌎❤💟💙

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