Monday, November 9, 2015

Playing the GIANT PIANO!!

This week was good, we worked suuuuuper hard and I felt like we walked the entire city HA but it was great and I think I'm sweating all of my organs out here hahaha.

Yesterday we had an AWESOME Sunday in the branch, we got 6 investigators to church and the other sisters got 7, there were more than 100 people in sacrament meeting which was more than we've had there for a while. And yesterday was the primary program which was super special for our investigators!!

We're working with Thaynara, she's 21 and super special. She has problems with the law of chastity, but this past week and a half every time the temptation has come up she's totally been strong and brave, I'm so proud of her!! And she's reading the Book of Mormon and strengthening her testimony of Joseph Smith, as she had some doubts about the plates and Joseph Smith... she's awesome.
We went on foot to her house to get her for church, and we got there at about 8:15...and she was still sleeping. She refused to go to church since she had been out all night with friends. But 100% help from the Spirit she went and changed and she went to sacrament meeting with us. I was so proud of her ❤

Debora, a 10-year-old little girl went to church yesterday for the first time, too!! She and Thaynara have baptismal dates forNov. 28th, but we forgot that stake conference is going to be that same day so they might have to be baptized that Fridayinstead, we're going to see about that this week. But we are so excited for their progress!!

We had a super awesome lesson yesterday with a member's brother... she agreed to go do visits with us, and when we left we said 'hey let's go see your brother'...she said that Elders had been there already a while ago and nothing had happened, her brother & his wife didn't want anything with the church...but we went anyway. I truly felt like Nephi as he went back to Jerusalem to get the plates. I had no idea what we were going to say. I had never spoken with this man, and there was the pressure of having the member with us too and her feeling the spirit...
when we got there we introduced ourselves, got talking a little bit about the elders going there and how he liked their visit and had the Book of Mormon and everything...and then we asked if we could share a message with him, he agreed.
As we taught the Restoration with his sister, it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been in in a while. The Spirit testified so strongly, I was so grateful for the Spirit that He truly is the best teacher... and I am also so grateful for the Bible because here in Brazil, with people that truly have their hearts softened...if you show it to them in the Bible they comprehend more easily.
At the end of the lesson Cairo said that he would pray and ask God if everything we taught is true, if Jesus Christ really did restore His Church to the Earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. And he said that when he receives his answer he'll be baptized!! I know that his sister felt the Spirit too, which was super amazing.
After the lesson his wife (who is a cake baker/decorator) came out with cake and talked with us for a while, she seemed happy too.
As we left the lesson, the member said that she (Cairo's wife Suely) had never been like that before which was a great sign...and that Cairo had never reacted that way to the Church before.

I know that the Lord truly keeps His promises...
that when I open my lips to speak and teach His work to His children, He will indeed put the words into my mind and speak through me.
Every day here in the mission is such a witness to me that I am NOTHING here.
He is everything.
This is HIS work and HIS bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

I love this work. I know that Jesus Christ established His Church here on the Earth. I know that there truly was a great apostasy. And that God loved us enough to call Joseph Smith as a prophet of the Lord to restore His Son's gospel here on the earth again.
Eu amo meu Salvador. Eu sei que Ele vive. Eu sei que Ele nos ama. Que Ele nos amou tanto que Ele deu a Sua Vida por mim...por cada um de nós.
Sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias verdadeiramente é o reino de Deus estabelecida aqui na Terra hoje.
Sei que nós temos um profeta vidente e vivo hoje! Sei que Thomas S. Monson é um profeta do Senhor. Sei que ele tem as chaves de nos guiar aqui na Terra. Sei que ele recebe revelação literal e direita de Deus e Jesus Cristo. Sou tão grata por saber dessas coisas.
Eu amo este evangelho.
Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e Sua Expiação são o centro deste evangelho. 

Muito amor!! Beijos 💋
Sister Hill 


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