Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pioneer Children (And Sister Missionaries) sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked....

This week was good but looooooots of walking, seriously Gurupí is HUGE and sometimes we're not able to mark all of our appointments in the same neighborhoods, so we spent lots of time walking this entire city to rush to appointments o.O but it's great!! It finally started raining this week, and you'll see from the pictures that Tocantins, Brasil is already getting ready for Christmas (cause nobody here cares about Thanksgiving, right...). We took some pictures with Santa and the best book ever 💙 #thebookisblue

This week we have been finding lots of people in the streets where we contact the person, talk to them for a bit and then out of nowhere the person's like "yeah i'm baptized in the Church" 😑 so many people baptized but horrible church attendance. we're working on reactivation along with strengthening the members, super super important here... we found a girl this week, Ludmila, 17 years old...she baptized about 5 years ago but then fell away from the church, she wants to come back!! She practically lives at her boyfriend's house, so we went there and talked with her boyfriend's mom who is suuuper awesome, we're going to go back in a couple days to check up on them and see if they read and prayed.

District meetings are super exciting here... we're so far away from civilization that our meetings are by cell phone. :) Us 4 sister missionaries in our 'living room' all sitting around the table with the cell phone pluged into a portable speaker so we can hear was hilarious this week, as one of us was saying the prayer, and the cell phone has hung up without us knowing, and our DL called back the ringtone player super super loud in the middle of the prayer but we didn't know what to do so we just finished the prayer awkwardly lol. #Gurupíproblems #gottaloveTocantins

This week we're going to Palmas for a district and zone will be nice to see our leaders and other people in our zone since we're in the middle of nowhere 😊

I'm grateful that it FINALLY rained on Friday, that cooled everything downnnnn. I'm happy to have said goodbye to 100 degree heat. #dontcomeback
They are decorating for Christmas already (see the picture) 

All is well here in Zion. Eating lots and lots of mangos 💜 since they grow on the trees here. And investigators always pick a bunch of mangos for us, put them in a plastic bag and give them to us to take home 😇 i love Tocantinenses. 

#missionperks The Catholic Church clock that rings every hour and half hour across the street from our house...

#theChurchistrue #theBookisblue #andJesusistheChrist
muito amor

Sister Hill 💜💙💗

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