Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Genival, our miracle :)

We had an absolute miracle this weekend with Genival. Interview went great, he PASSED like we knew he would, we had everything ready and planned for Sunday.

Saturday night we didn't get the chance to visit him, so we just called him to check and make sure everything was ready to go, that he was feeling good about everything. He said "Irmã, I dont feel 100%... I'm not ready and I need to wait."

We were scared. Because we knew 110% that he was ready in THIS moment, that he had been prepared by the Lord for this special time in his life. He couldn't back down now, fear comes from the enemy.

We told him to PRAY with all the power in his heart, that God would sincerely answer his prayer the same night if he prayed with a sincere desire to know if he should really be baptized on Sunday. We told him to read Galatians 5:22, and that after he prayed, to listen. To ponder.
He said he would. After we hung up the phone with him, we called the Sister Training Leaders and our District leader and asked them to pray for us that Genival could get his answer and choose to be baptized on Sunday.

Sunday after sacrament meeting (the first meeting now), the first thing he said to us was:
'What did you two do after we hung up the phone last night?'
We explained to him that we had been praying for him really really hard and that we had asked the missionaries in our district to pray for him, too.
He told us that he did what we told him to do, he read the scripture and then said his prayer. And he knew that he should be baptized the next day.
He then told us that God had confirmed his answer to him in a dream he had the same night. 

And he was baptized!!!! it was a true miracle. God DOES hear our prayers, especially the prayers of those in his service. i have a true testimony of that.
It was such a wonderful celebration for his baptism, the entire ward came and brought a feast <3

I know that the Lord truly prepared him!!!!

Sister Fidelis and I are working hard, shes a super hard worker <3 she only has 2 more months in the field than I do, so we're learning a lot together :) i love her tons and tons! We're working on helping her with English, the highlight of our day is reading the Missionary Handbook in English everyday during companionship study... she laughs through the entire thing <3

Still here loving the brazilian food. :) we're working on finding new people to teach, pray that we can recognize the people in our paths this week!!!!!!

HUGS from Brasil!! I'm doing great, I'm loving my mission. Had an interview with President Lundgren the other day, to hear him say that he's super proud of me and happy with the work I'm doing... idk, it's like receiving a handshake from the Lord and Him telling me that He accepts my work. Something super special to me. <3

Had a scary experience with about 10 bug bites this week, everything is good nowl... but some weird mosquito bit me on the back of my thigh, and it swelled up like a BALLOON i'm not even exaggerating. my knee was the size of a small water balloon. it was ugly, it was hurting to walk haha but bought benadryl at the pharmacy and now its all good now, just little perks of a foreign country ;) received a priesthood blessing from a member of the bishopric, i know that helped a ton <3 im so grateful for priesthood holders willing to help us as missionaries!

im super happy here. i feel like im really doing some good here, i love this ward so so so so much and never want to leave here. <3 <3 <3

im grateful every day for the fact that we are sealed together as a family. <3 Sister Fidelis's dad isn't a member, and her mom has never been through the temple. her and her brother (that are both on missions) are the only members of the family who have made temple covenants... i'm so grateful for a family who i KNOW will be together forever <3 <3

pray for me and Sister Fidelis!! im still talking with Sister Alvarez through email, shes liking her new area even though its super different <3 <3 <3 i know we'll be best friends forever <3

love you lots!! write me letters ;)

Love you all, never forget your potential and what you are capable of! With God on our side, we can do anything. <3

Beijos e muito amor,
Sister Hill

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