Monday, May 18, 2015

Milagres são real! Singing for the House of Representatives of Brazil.

Olá, pessoas queridas :) This week has certainly been interesting!!

Tuesday night our district leader asked if we would be willing to sing in a group of missionaries on Wednesday for a meeting, of course we accepted! We went there on Wednesday to practice... there were only about 15 of us that would be singing! We practiced the hymn Have I Done Any Good in the World and it went well and we were ready!

A new American sister brought her violin and she was going to play her solo. While she was practicing, somebody called me over and asked me if I could play the piano. I can normally pick up something so I said yes, and I saw the music and realized that they had asked me if I could play for the performance... we would be performing at a debate of Brazil's House of Representatives, this was big time and it had to be good. It was an arrangement of If You Could Hie to Kolob, by Marshall McDonald. #noteasy a couple hard key changes, some weird chords that Im not familiar with. But I practiced it through about 7 times, 20 minutes... it wasnt perfect. I changed some stuff. But it turned out alright. I and Sister Huff practiced together until it sounded good. I was praying in my head that the Spirit could help me because I wasnt capable of doing this on my own.

We got there, I was super nervous... but when we went to play, I wasnt nervous at all. In fact, I felt super good about it. And it went perfectly. It was a little weird on a keyboard instead of a nice piano, but it was good. I felt so grateful that Heavenly Father fulfills His promises. He will truly MAGNIFY our gifts when we give them to Him. And He will multiply them by 20. When we ask for His help.

The debate went well. The APS said some words (the debate was about youth, helping them in the community and the world to grow up and be good citizens) and President said some words too about youth and the Family! It was great. All the members are telling me they saw it on Facebook, I feel famous lolol

Genival will be baptized this Sunday!! Our first visit was with him last Monday, he has definitely been prepared by the Lord. He turns to the Lord in prayer in everything in his life, its truly a sign to me that the Lord will answer our prayers! We just have to ask Him. He is just waiting to bless us and give us revelation.. we just have to ask. And it will be given unto us. :)

I am grateful for the restored gospel. I know that the knowledge of Joseph Smith and authority given to man on the Earth today is a knowledge so precious, something I take for granted sometimes. Im immensely grateful!

Tenha uma boa semana!

Sister Hill

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