Monday, May 11, 2015

20 Years Later...She Was Finally Baptized!!!!

Oi gente! Espero que todo mundo teve uma boa semana...

Eva was baptized yesterday, FINALLY!! We were worried about her after she fell and coudn't be baptized last week... we were super happy to see her at the Mother's Day Activity on Saturday night, she was super happy and getting to know the members!! And she was finally baptized on Sunday. Jeferson (the son who is now returning to the Church, served a mission) is coming every week to church in a white shirt and tie. He's super happy. And for him, seeing his mom be baptized was a real miracle in his life that he owes to his mission. <3

Eva isn't one to cry, she's passed through a lot in her lifetime... but after the service she was crying and kept saying to us that it was from happiness not sadness <3 Beautiful baptism of somebody we care about a lot. :)

Transfer. :( i hate transfers. Ugh. Sister Alvarez left me today :(((( We were super sad, we passed through a lot these past 3 months... I was super grateful we got to skype our families together yesterday, I got to talk to her mom (Sis. translated in spanish) and it was super wonderful. <3
My new companion is Sister Fidelis from Rio Grande do Sul!! Gaucha :))))) #barbecue #churrascobrasileiro actually she says she doesn't know how to do barbecue... people like to assume that all Gauchas barbecue :)

Super excited for this next transfer, we have tons of plans... and I'm excited because my mission mom Sister Alves (trainer) was called as the Sister Trainer in my zone!!!!!! I'm soooooo happy.

I got to talk to Sister Miranda today at transfer!! She told me the best news I've heard in forever... remember Rodrygo and Andreia??? Rodrygo received the priesthood and now has a calling in the quorum, and Andreia is secretary of the Relief Society. I was super super super happy to hear they're going strong <3 #myfirstconverts

I am so grateful that this is the Lord's work!! I know that we are His hands, that He will always see us for what we are capable of becoming... not what we were or what we are. It's our duty to see every one of His chidren as the same thing: what they are capable of becoming.

Eu amo todos de vocês, tenha uma ótima semana!
Muito amor,
Síster Hill

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