Monday, June 1, 2015

Deus cumpri promessas (God Keeps Promises)

This week was good, we've been really focusing on finding new investigators.
I want you to think back to The Best Two Years, the missionary film that takes place in Europe... remember Elder Calhoun? the chess-playing geek with the glasses from Oklahoma? I want you to remember a scene of him chasing after people on bicycles to try and find people to teach. Where he would have done anything to get an appointment with somebody.

We felt like that this week. Several times this week I thought to myself "This place is Babylon...". The people don't want anything to do with 'a restored gospel'. They 'already have a Bible'. Saturday night we had almost no new investigators, almost no people to teach. Our LZ called to tell us good job for our work, and we mentioned that nobody wants to listen to us. He promised us that we would have 1 new investigator by the end of the day.

After this we went to Valda & Claudio's, we had a great little mini message/dinner with them and it was wonderful. I had completely forgotten about this promise from our LZ. As we were leaving the apartment building, the lights in the hallways had gone out so there was a family on the ground floor by the door. We walked out with Valda and we stopped to talk to this family. Turns out they had been visited by other sisters some months ago, we dont know what happened or why they stopped... but while I was talking with the husband, Sis. Fidelis marked for us to go there on Friday.
Their 3-year-old daughter didnt like us at all...she had a blue Frozen dress on and was singing about how shes Elsa. but who knows why she chose to detest us. When we went to leave, she had this huge frown on her face. Her dad then said to her "Filha, she lives where Frozen is! she lives where Anna and Elsa live!' pointing to me. Her eyes got huge and she was absolutely shocked that I could be from the land of Frozen. She had to be my friend now. We made a pact that I would take her to the land of Frozen, and Sister Fidelis would take her to the land of chocolate (Rio Grande do Sul). She was so ecstatic, gave us fantastic kisses on the cheek and she smiled and laughed and sang about how she was going to play in the snow and build a snowman with me.

It was only afterwards that I realized that when I thought we could never have found a new investigator that night after getting out so late with Valda & Claudio, we found 2.
God puts people in our paths for a reason. And I re-learn every day that He really does keep His promises.
When we have faith.

Genival is really doing great with the ward, we had a fantastic FHE there last night and he invited 3 famiiles, it was an absolute party and they were just glowing <3 they are feeling super loved and embraced, made us super happy to see the ward loving them and making them feel super welcome :)

Everything is great here, i love farofa... and rice and beans. and chicken! and meat. and açai, and pão de queijo. oh and pamonha <3 <3 <3
have a fantastic week!
Sister Hill

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