Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Promptings and Testimony Builders

This week we worked super hard, and I saw a miracle <3

On Wednesday, we were coming back from the house of an Irmã and we passed some guys who were working in the street. We said hi to them and kept on walking. As we got about halfway down the street, I felt that we needed to talk to them.
So I told Sister, ''Sister, I need to talk to them...'' but she advised me not to, since these worker men have a reputation of being 'scorpion' and that they dont want anything to do with the church.
But I told her I really felt it, so she told me to go ahead. We turned around and we starting talking to these guys, gave them pass-along cards and told them where the church was... 2 guys said they would come to church on Sunday.

A few minutes later after we had left there, somebody called us; it was one of the worker dudes. He asked what time the meeting was, Sister told him and that was it. About an hour after, the same guy called to our number and started asking if we had boyfriends...
My companion completely chewed this guy out over the phone, telling him that were not here to date but we're here to bring others to Christ, that if he wants to strengthen his faith we can help him, and all that jazz. After that phone call, I felt super bad and started to question why I had had that impression if it had just turned sour like this.

Sunday in Church Sister Fidelis gave a talk, so I was sitting in the congregation with Rosi and her boys. Irmã Celina came in a little late which is normal, I noticed she had a young man with her and I assumed it was her nephew or something. She came over to me and whispered 'Is this the young man you invited?' I just said ''Yeah'' without really knowing what was going on...

After some thinking, and surely with some help from the Spirit... I realized that this young man was one of the workers from days ago.
His name is Geison, we hadn't talked with him that day and it wasn't him who called us. He had heard us talking with the other worker guys about the Church, and he came to talk to us out of curiosity but we had already left.
But he asked the other workers what time the meeting was and where, and without an exact address or a pass-along card with the written phone number or anything like that, he came searching the chapel on his motorcycle Sunday morning. And found it. And stayed the entire three hours. <3

He said that he was really impressed with the meetings and really liked it, that he's not a person to get impressed really easily...
It was truly a miracle and a testimony-builder to me that every prompting we receive from the Spirit is important.
And it has strengthened my testimony of how precious EVERY soul is in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Every single soul. We are His children, and He loves us and wants to take care of us. And He sends us, as His servants, to help His other children. <3 I am so grateful for the whisperings of the Spirit that never come like lightning. They come in feelings and in thoughts.

We also had miracle people come to Church on Sunday... Ruth, Leonardo and Jeferson's friend, came to Church <3 Leonardo is so funny, we went to teach him on Wednesday and when he got there he was all "Oh good youre here, my friend Ruth is coming over and go right ahead, you can convert her, she's totally the Mormon type!!" Bahahahahaha #conversionatitsfinest
And she came to Church! She's awesome <3 Geralda's husband also came to church, he is the sweetest cutest old man and we are so excited to teach him too.
The Lord blessed us with lots of new people to teach this week, I feel super grateful.

Attached are photos of some cool train tracks we found after lunch, our awesome zone activity today that was at a condominium club (brazilian barbecue is the best thing #churrasco #salgado #mmm) and a beautiful sunset that the picture doesn't do justice :)

and this is where our zone activity was today... only about 45 minutes away from our area. same Brasília. huge differences. same Brazil. :) crazy to me.

and these skyscrapers (the area is called Águas Claras, which translates to clear waters) are HUUUUUGEEEEE. hugest skyscrapers ive seen in my life. o.O

Love you All!!

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