Monday, December 14, 2015

Walking By Nothing But Faith

Finally I have some time to give the deets about my life now that I can breathe without having to rush through my thinking o.O I'm not too good with rushing through things like that.

Taquaralto is amaaaaaazing. It's part of Palmas, and I'm happy to be so much closer to the stake headquarters since I love seeing my friends from the first ward I served in in Palmas 1. 💙 I am positive that I will LOVE this area, seriously. It was truly prepared for the work of the Lord!! The members here are awesome, the chapel is smack-dab in the middle of the city...the craziest thing is being close getting on a bus and contacting and telling people 'you see that big white point? that's our church!' the chapel here is beeeeeautiful, i have to take a picture this week sorry I haven't done that yet.

I love my companion Sister Gimenez!! My 2nd companion from Argentina :) but Sister Gimenez is from Rosario, a huge city close to Buenos Aires. I LOVE working with her because...she reminds me exactly of Diana Tartaglia ❤ I have never met another missionary so much like my sweet friend Diana. So of course we're on fire working here, and she finishes her mission here in 5 weeks but we're working our tails off, I love the mission!!!!

The new calling is great, I'm excited because this week we're going to Gurupi where I was this past change, so I'll get to finally say the goodbyes I didn't get to say before. That will be super nice since I was transferred out of Gurupi so quickly o.O I truly feel like Nephi sometimes, really... "not knowing beforehand what I [will] do"... because we're here opening the area with just the Area Book, we don't know anybody and hardly know the area but it's fantastic because it gives us the amazing opportunity to just be guided by the Spirit!! I truly know that it is the Lord who guides and leads this work, there is no other way that we could be seeing all of the miracles that we see here every day in the mission. We are finding lots of wonderful people... 'elects', eleitos... that are accepting the Book of Mormon as the word of God and really want to change their lives and repent. It's all about the change. Lots of people say that they have faith. But faith is change, faith is doing something.

Like always I'm the sacrament meeting pianist [again] 😉 i'm happy to use my gifts to strengthen the Lord's kingdom here. And yesterday the Bishop said that one of the sacrament meeting speakers didn't show up so he asked me to give a talk about anything, and I just followed the Spirit and spoke about prayer. I am grateful for the Spirit and how He guides me here. The mission is incredible because you really are in an environment and a mindset to be so close to the Savior and to Heavenly Father through the Spirit. I feel Him leading me and guiding me, telling me what to say and do... feelings that you really only feel in the temple!! Such an incredible thing to be here and experiencing all this, I thank Father in Heaven every day for trusting me enough with this sacred calling.

Christmas is coming!!!!! 🎅 I have never been so excited for Christmas in my life! It is such a wonderful experience to be here in the best time of remember when Heavenly Father sent His own Son here to earth to have His own earthly experiences. I am so grateful for my Savior that He came! Ele sentiu as mesmas coisas que sentimos aqui na Terra. Sou tão grata por isso. E por Ele ser meu Salvador e Redentor.
Amo este evangelho e sei que é o único caminho para voltar viver com Deus novamente depois desta vida!!
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ.
I truly love my Savior and have never felt so close to Him in my entire life than I feel right now. 💜

Thank you for your love and support, I appreciate everything you do for me. 💟
Muito amor!!
Sister [Braz]Hill 🌎💋🌈🎅💞🌟🎼💜

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