Monday, December 21, 2015


FELIZ NATAL 🎅👼👶 Merry Christmas everybodyyyyy, I've truly been feeling the doce, doce Christmas spirit these days. I LOVE CHRISTMAS I have never felt so emotional about Christmas in my life!

This week was good, as you know the mission field is all about SUNDAYS. You can work your tail off the entire week and then Sunday comes and really shows what your investigators want and if they're interested in following the gospel and want to be baptized, etc.
We went to Gurupi on Wednesday (my last area, it was super awesome to go back and see some good friends:) and lost a day of proselyting, so we finished up the week contacting and visiting our investigators with dates to be baptized...

Guilherme is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his dad here in Taquaralto as his parents are divorced, the last 2 times we went there he barely said 1 word the entire lesson. Every question we asked him he would wait for about 10 seconds and just shake or nod his head. Super hard for us as teachers to help him.
We prayed that Heavenly Father would help us to know how to help him prepare for his baptism that is coming up, and when we were going to his house we found his dad in the street and we went to Guilherme's and sat outside his house with him and started talking with him. And completely unexpectedly, he started talking...and he is SUPER smart, Heavenly Father totally blessed us with the knowledge that we needed to know what we had to do to help him.
He started asking about Laban and Laman and Lemuel as he read 1 Nephi 3, he's such a smart boy!! He'll be baptizedJanuary 2nd, we're super excited for him 🌠

Saturday night was the ward Christmas party...we presented a musical number, I played guitar 🎸 and we sang Angels we have heard on high, in portuguese and english and spanish since in our house it's me, 1 braziian, my comp from Argentina and a sister from Peru :) i love this.
Right before the dinner, the YM leader came out with this HUGE wrapped present and brought it to the front of the cultural hall and then said it was for US sisters we were so shocked we didn't know how to react...and that night when we took it home and opened it it was full of FOOD the best present we have ever received. 💜 such a blessing. #iloveTaquaralto

oh yeah and back to Sunday. an interesting experience... right after sacrament meeting a man came to the front of the door, saying that he came from Goiás, he has absolutely nothing and is living in the street and came to ask for food. The YM pres came and took him and put him in Gospel Principles with us, he sat in between Sis. Gimenez and our ward mission leader learning about Exaltation. I was observing how he was reacting, and he seemed to be adjusting to the situation that he came to the Church to ask for food and was being fed something much better.
He then went to Elders quorum...and after everybody came out of the classes I watched him to see how he was reacting (his name is Moses), everybody was shaking his hand and helping him out the door like he had made 10 new best friends. And he waited patiently and I believe that somebody took him to their home to feed him lunch.

He said that he loved it and will come back next week, and when we left he had a huge smile on his face and seemed content.

The Church is so perfect to me. It's so obvious to me that it's the organization that most helps on the humanitarian side of things. It's the TRUTH. And Christ helped people.
We are His hands.

I am so grateful for this Christmas season. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to SERVE this season. I have a testimony of the fact that what the Lord wants from us this time of the year is our HEARTS. He doesn't want presents, He doesn't want decorations or pretty things. He wants the only thing that money can't buy. Our soul. Us giving everything we have to Him.

I know I testify of this a lot. But I'm grateful for how my mission is molding me to be who God needs me to be for the rest of my life.
I love my Savior and I am honored to be representing Him at this time of my life. 💜
I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas season

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