Monday, December 28, 2015

Remembering The Savior This Time of Year is Wonderful!!

Wonderful Christmas conference, it was so wonderful to see everybody from the mission...crazy to think that it was the last time I'll see some of these amazing missionaries that I've had the privilege to work with these past months of my life.

We spent Christmas Eve at the home of an ex-Sister that served a part of her mission here in Tocantins because of a knee problem, then she went back to her mission in São Paulo and finished there!! She is wonderful, it was great to see her and spent Christmas there.
And of course seeing my beautiful family was the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

A hard week for proseliting work, since it seems like a ghost town when everybody goes out of town and leaves the city. But we had an absolute MIRACLE yesterday morning...
We had confirmed with about 10 people to be in sacrament meeting, and the members of the ward with cars are few, so we had our best hopes that at least a few of them would be there.
And on our way INTO the chapel, we saw a pink house on the other side of the street and remembered that a member had spoken with a woman who lives here. We hadn't had the chance to speak with her during the week. But I looked to Sister Gimenez and said "Sister, do you believe in miracles?"

We walked up to this lady's house, she warmly greeted us and happily let us in a grabbed a stool for us to sit...she said after sharing a bit of her story, "Your friend invited me to church, I already took a shower to go and I'm just going to change my clothes and then go to church!"
And we waited about 5 minutes for her to put on a dress, and she came out all fancy with her dress and high heels and we walked to church together with Silvia, our week's miracle.

Almeida and Kelly are a couple that we're teaching, we found them while looking for the Bishop's house (opening the area is sooooo fun when you don't even know where the bishop lives lolol) and they went to church for the first time yesterday, they LOVED it!!! They only stayed for sunday school & rs/elders quorum, but they felt the spirit so strongly especially since the lesson was about TEMPLES and Almeida (who works with neighborhood security) got suuuuper curious, we're going to their house on Tuesday and i'm super excited to talk with them about temples. They are truly special, I can't help but seeing them in white. :)

I'm so grateful for how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is changing me every day of my mission, I truly know that as we humble ourselves and come unto Christ and have faith in Him and in His eternal sacrifice, we will have the marvelous opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven someday with our families!

Amo meu Salvador, eu amo este evangelho e sei que as coisas que estou ensinando todos os dias aqui na missão são verdadeiras!! Sei que Jesus Cristo vive e dirigi a Sua Igreja aqui na Terra por meio do Presidente Thomas S. Monson!!
Sei que o Livro de Mórmon é a palavra de Deus e que podemos achar muitas respostas às perguntas de vida nele.

Thank you for all the support and prayers and love I receive from home.
Amo todos vocês ❤

Muito amor,
Sister Hill

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