Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas with pictures

Hi family and friends,

Belated Merry Christmas!!! I hope everybody's holidays were fantastic. I hope they were filled with the Savior just as much as--hopefully more than--with Santa and presents.

Our Christmas was nice and peaceful. Pretty much every single member in our ward went out of town for the holidays, so we were here! Skyped our families on Christmas day, taught and visited until the end of the day, and then went home.

We had a nice breakfast Christmas morning that our trainers made, that was sweet :) they're darling.
A member gave us 2 Pannetones (sweet bread... so good.) and a jug of grape juice. We feasted. :)

Here's a picture of our Christmas breakfast. And a mug that Sister Alvez gave me for Christmas:) it's a picture of us at this place we once went to where there was FREE FOOD. What started with a contact led to that... memories.

BTW... sorry I'm super awful at writing these things. I get writer's block. #1hourprobs

Muito amor,

Sister Hill

Oh yeah, and we got electricity back Christmas Eve morning. #bestChristmaspresentever

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