Monday, January 5, 2015

4 baptismal dates!!

Feliz ano novo!!
Hope everybody had a great new year, hope it was happy for everybody:) We went to bed at 10:30, woohooo!!!! I set an alarm on the cell phone to wake up at midnight, and of course I refused to get up... but it woke everybody else up. I woke up to Sister Soares jumping on my bed "feliz ano novo, feliz ano novo, feliz ano novoooo" but I refused to move. They're still laughing about that. :)

We marked 4 baptismal dates this week, that was awesome. We found 2 elects, they're amazing. Didn't make it to church because of the rain... (dumb rain)... but we're still teaching them:)

Attached a picture... (I know it's blurry, ughhh I know.) this is the family of Sandreane. She's inactive, she was baptized years and years ago, I think she was 18 years old when she baptized. A while ago. These are her 3 kids: Junior, Guilherme and Jemila. They're three pretty amazing kids. Junior is reading the Book of Mormon by himself, he reads it to his grandma. We want to start re-teaching the lessons to her, and teach them to her kids, because they're such an amazing family with an amazing potential. And I love these kids to death, Junior reminds me so much of Jackson. <3

This week was good, we almost moved houses on Friday. We're just waiting for the landlord to meet up and give us the key... yes, that is literally the only thing we're waiting on to move. But all in the Lord's timing!!
I've decided that in the mission field there are absolutely NO coincidences. None. Nenhum. :)

Sacrament meeting/Testimony meeting was a little smaller than usual this week... the ward left for the caravan to the temple! Campinas Temple, close to São Paulo. This temple trip is a week-long adventure... and "a caravana" leaves 2 times a year, once in January and once in July. The members save and save, work and work to make this trip once a year.
They leave early Sunday morning (the stake), and they have sacrament meeting on the bus. (And oh yeah, this is one of those super comfortable buses with food service... no, this is the same bus that you have no leg room and you want to get off) Sacrament Meeting. Literally. They bless and partake of the sacrament on the bus, and have testimony meeting. Then the bus rides all through Sunday, through Sunday night, and gets there Monday evening. Everybody gets off and has Family Night Monday evening.
TuesdayThursday and Friday are spent in the temple!! A very special family in the ward, Freddy and Jackie, are getting sealed with their two little boys this time! I'm so excited to see a picture of them when they get back. They've been married for 5 years and are so, so excited and spiritually mature. I'm so excited for them.
Then they get back on the bus Friday evening to arrive in time for 9am church Sunday morning.
The members here are so inspirational to me! I want to be like them. :)

OH and I almost forgot... yesterday I got to hold a baby monkey. This monkey isn't even one month old!!!! We ate at the house of a member's family, and her family has monkeys. in the trees. And these two little baby monkeys, smaller than your hand... ughhh it was the most adorable moment of my life. #forgotmycamera #onlyhappenstome #cutestlittleadorablethingthathaseverhappenedtome

Até mais,
Sister (Braz)Hill

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