Friday, October 16, 2015

Charity: Service project with the YW... success!!

This week was just preparing preparing preparinggg for the service project on Saturday with the young women of the group... we collected lots and lots of toys and games for some children at a nearby orphanage.
The children in this orphanage aren't actually orphans, right... their parents have tons of problems with drugs and alcohol and stuff like that, so the children are taken from their problem homes and taken to this orphanage that takes really good care of them.
Saturday morning we were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to finish all of the bajillion snacks we were going to take there haha.

And enfim... it was a success!! After lots and loooots of work on our part, and the other 90% was from the worked out and everybody left their happy and smiling. :) Our small YW organization of 4 young women is incredible. I admire them a lot.

Iva and João Vitor are really progressing... we visited João Vitor (18 years old) for the first time this week with Paula, he is truly an elect. He has truly been prepared to receive the restored gospel in this moment. He comprehends everything super well, too. Iva is supposed to be baptized this Saturday the 17th, João Vitor we're helping him to prepare for the 24th since he hasn't been home at all when we visited Iva... pray lots for them that they can continue going to church and reading the Book of Mormon and praying and receiving answers ❤

Lenaise is the sister of some members of the ward, she's here until December... and she said that she would never be part of the Church and she went to Church on Sunday (no, it wasn't easy for her to get there...), and she has a baptismal date for the 24th too... she's super super good, I'm excited for her and I love her a ton.

This week I finished the Book of Mormon. Mormon and Moroni are so inspirational to me, it is amazing that they were so faithful to the Lord in such a hard, hard time of the world... Moroni chapter 8 is so inspired to me, the Lord truly knew that this time would be one in which the world would pervert so many ways of Jesus Christ, especially baptism. I am so grateful for the restored gospel!!

The hugest thing I learned this week was charity.
When we always say that charity is the pure love of Christ, that has always been in my head ever since I was little... but just this past week that it really, truly dawned on me what charity is.
Charity is the love that my Savior had for me when He bled from every pore for me.
Charity is the love that He felt as He hung on the cross and died so that I could live with God again.
This is charity.
It is the love that the Savior and Redeemer of the world had for each one of us to give His life so we could be saved. So we could repent and come unto Him. So we could change.
This is the same charity that we have to have in our own lives.
We show charity for others as we help them come closer to the Savior.
We have charity as we put other people before ourselves.

I'm so grateful for every tender mercy I have here...every new thing that I learn, the little changes that the Lord makes with my heart.

Muitos beijos, amo todos vocês...espero que todo mundo tenha uma boa semana, não esqueçam-se de ter caridade! 💜
Sister (Braz)Hill 🌎😊💙

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