Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Elder Costa, Transfers and Moving Out of the Chapel

The conference with Elder Costa was super fantastic!! His words were super inspiring to everybody. He asked us to read two talks before he came, both of them from a conference to the mission presidents from 2014. One of them by Elder Nelson is super great and I loved it a lot, talks a lot about how our focus as missionaries is helping people get to the TEMPLE. I loved it a lot. Elder Costa's words were super great, he has a powerful testimony! He truly is a servant of the Lord. Talked a lot about working with the members, bringing their neighbors and friends and family into the church...because it truly is the most effective way to help strengthen the Church of Jesus Christ!!

This week was a little crazy-hectic because we moved OUT of the chapel!!!! #finally We moved all of our stuff into a new apartment, super close to the church so that's a blessing. It'll be great to have our own apartment now and not have to share everything with the chapel.

Cinefamília worked out, it has been raining cats and dogs these days... so I was praying suuuuuper hard that it wouldn't rain... and it didn't rain on us! I was looking in the sky as we were inviting every person we found in the street...and I saw this HUGE rain cloud leaving the site of the movie. Such a miracle. The Lord is truly in charge of His work here! And He truly hears the prayers of His servants. I have a testimony of that.

Transfers today!! Sister Costancio left for another area to finish her last 2 transfers before she goes home in December, and Sister Amaral is my new companion! A super sweet gaúcha (from Rio Grande do Sul) with 4 months in the mission, I know that we're going to have an awesome transfer. 

All is well here in Zion! I know that this is the Lord's work. I am so grateful for how the Lord is changing me here every single day of my mission. Every day, every minute...I become stronger. Only through His perfect Atonement. I know that His sacrifice is real. I know that He lives! I know that as we partake of the sacrament every Sunday...we are taking upon ourselves His name. It is such a sacred thing to me to see the priests breaking the bread...because He was broken for us. He was broken for me. I know that as we partake of the bread and water every week, we are taking upon ourselves the sacrifice that He made for us individually.
I know that He knows my burdens. I know that He knows every sacrifice we make to strengthen His kingdom here on the Earth. And only through Him can we be strengthened enough to bear our burdens. I know that we can never do this alone. Only through Him are we able to be the best that we can be and return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

Thank you for the support and prayers. <3 Amo todos vocês!
Sister (Braz)Hill

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