Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks for the update!! It's always nice to hear about what's happening there at home. :)
P-day we wake up and clean the house, but this morning was a little different because we had to wake up at about 5h30 to get on the bus by 7 to head to that city (i can never say or spell the name of it, Sister Soares had to help me type it last time hahaha.) And we climbed that cool mountain!! The view was INCREDIBLE, It was about 35 minutes of hiking straight uphill, I thought I was going to die. But we made it! And had an awesome time just talking with our district. Attached is a picture of our district at the top of the mountain:)

Elder Chamberlain (from Blanding, Utah) was taking the picture, get this: his uncle is Grant Christian, the man who gave me my patriarchal blessing!!!!! How crazy is that!!!!!!

I got super burnt today. I put sunscreen on my arms and my feet, and I put foundation on this morning and figured I was good for the neck got suuuuper burned. BUT it's okay, I know it will go away eventually. And I'm confident enough that I don't let it bother me.
The zone conference is TOMORROW, that's when somebody is going to go pick up my package and hopefully bring it back in time for me to receive it next week!
I haven't heard anything about the second package. So the thing is is that 1) it's hard to mail things to Brasil, 2) it's even harder to mail things to Brasília once you get it in Brasil, and 3) it's ridiculously hard to get packages here in Palmas. I'm not expecting any Christmas package from you guys, if you already sent one haha I'll probably get it in January or February. :) It just takes so long to get it to my area.

It's been about 110, 115 degrees F here... YEAH it's toasty. I thought St. George was hot! Ha! We take our shower in the morning, and then I'm already super sweaty by the time we've been proseliting for about an hour. Mm love that #missionarylife

In the picture with my district Sister Soares is the sister I'm sitting next to, she arrived with me so we're the "babies" of the house, both our first area and our first everything...I love her! Mom she's like a Brasilian Alexandra!!!!!! To me she looks like Alexandra, I love her to death. Their personalities are different but I remember the first time I saw Sister Soares from a distance I tooootally thought of Alexandra<3

I'm so pleased to hear that the Primary program went well! I know you're such a good primary president<3 I wish I could have been there to see it.
You remember those family pictures that we took together before I left? Do you have them? I want to see them!! :)

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