Monday, November 10, 2014

Oi de Brasil!

This week was good! Lots of searching for new people to teach, lots of walking...don't worry, not nearly as exciting as last week! The remains of the bite are almost all the way gone, yay!! And my foot is about back to normal size, woohoo:)

Right now we are teaching Jorge and Francisca who have 2 children, Lara (9) and Jorginho (2). Jorge and Francisca have a wedding date for December 13th and a baptismal date for the same day, but Jorge progresses spiritually waaay faster than Francisca. He loves coming to church and just eating a spiritual feast in classes and sacrament meeting, Francisca wasn't in church yesterday. But Lara told us in sacrament meeting yesterday that she thinks she wants to be baptized in this church...she's awesome. Jorge told us yesterday that he thinks that him and Francisca should be taught separately since they're on different levels with their testimonies right now. We'll see how this works out!

The language gets better every day. I'm finally past that little bump of "UGH I CAN'T DO THIS". Every day I improve a little-tiny-eensy-weensy bit, and I know that in 6 months I'm going to look back and laugh at all of the things I said wrong. :) Thank goodness Heavenly Father lets us learn through processes and doesn't expect us to know everything in a day or two, eh?

Our new house came through!! I think we're moving this week. It has a bright pink gate and a bright green seriously looks like a watermelon. Our watermelon house. Or our Natal Casa. I'm excited:) Our house now is puny.

We have a friend, Mirian. Missionaries, Elders, came to her door about 8 years ago and introduced the gospel to her. She loves the missionaries. But she isn't baptized because she isn't married to her spouse, and he isn't at all interested in the gospel. Until this weekend!! We fasted with Mirian on Saturday that her family would be united. She also has a 17-year-old son, Jonas, who normally just locks himself in his room and never says hi to us when we come unless Mirian makes him.
But Saturday night, it was 4 sister missiories, 2 members, Mirian, her spouse and Jonas!!!!!!!! And her spouse even started to cry while we were teaching. I have such a testimony of fasting!!!!! All these years and he will finally let us teach him. I get butterflies just thinking about it :) they agreed to let us come for Reunião Familiar (FHE) Wednesday night. I can't wait!!!!

Still eating rice and beans and meat every day and loving it!!! The food here is so incredible. Sorvete, chocolate, carne... it's fantastic. Haven't gotten sick yet. Yet. And still drinking 3 liters of water a day!

Até mais,
Sister Hill

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