Monday, November 3, 2014

Olá família e amigos!

Esta semana foi...interesante!
Sunday (I think?) I got a mosquito bite on my left leg. And I didn't think anything of it...until a couple days later when I would feel pain shoot up my leg when I stepped down on it. I wish I could attach a picture!! It was this little ball of a bite, with a fist-sized dark red oval-shape around the bite, and then about halfway up my leg it was super red and hot. Yeah it was bad. So I refused to go to the hospital, but Sister Alvez and Irmão Itamar (a member in my ward) didn't give me a choice and drove me to the hospital. I couldn't understand ANYTHING that was going on. All I could tell the doctor was that it hurt, and it happened "dois dias atrás" (2 days ago). He gave me a prescription through Irmão, and the amazing Irmão Itamar spent about 20 minutes driving me and Sister Alvez halfway across town and back to pick me up medication.
I'm all good now!! The bite has gone down day by day. It just made for an interesting week when on Wednesday it hurt so badly to walk, that I slept at a member's house for 5 hours while Sister Alvez taught lessons with Rita, a ward missionary in our ward. So yeah, it was just a super weird week.

Besides that interesting part of my week, all is well. Tudo bom. :) I still get frustrated with the language, but at this point I've just accepted that I don't know it yet. Blah. Which is frustrating. But I know it will come someday!! I have tried to remember HOPE, ESPERANÇA this week.
One of my favorite things about the português language:
In inglês, we have the word HOPE. To HOPE for something is to trust in Heavenly Father that He will fulfill His promises to you. That is literally what HOPE is.
In português, the verb "ESPERAR" means three different things:
1. to hope for
2. to expect
3. to wait for

When we hope for something, when we trust in our Heavenly Father that He will fulfill His promises to us, we EXPECT that He will fulfill His promises, and then we WAIT. How cool is that! We can actually know with a surety, a perfect hope that our Father in Heaven will keep His word. "I, the Lord, am bound when you do what I say..." D&C 82:10.

The work is good. It's hard, but it's simple. Simple doesn't mean easy! Cause the mission isn't easy. But it's simple. Be obedient, and work hard. <3

Boa semana por todo o mundo!
Muito amor,

Sister Hill

hashtags for the week:
#justsmileandwaveboys (from Madagascar, anybody?)

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