Monday, August 17, 2015

Going to Church on a Tractor...yeah!

This week was interesting.  Thursday night we were headed to a lesson (our first visit with our miracle family that came to church on Sunday) and I was not feeling good at all. Worst I've felt in a while.
And when we got to their house I found out why. If I hadn't run to the bathroom when I did (two times during our visit at their house) I would have thrown up all over our investigators' living room while my companion was telling the First Vision. That would so not have been a pretty sight.
But with some rest on Friday all is well in Zion once again. :) Word's got it that it's some virus floating around Cristalina right now, the hospitals and health posts were full of gente waiting to be cured too. :P 3 of the Elders got it too. I was just happy to know that it wasn't Irmã's food that we ate that day. Cause I like her food.

Paula is amazing!!!!! She came to church for the 4th time yesterday, and this week she told us that she got an answer to her prayer... she'll be baptized on August 29th!!!! We're so excited for her <3 <3 <3 Saturday night at the pizzaria she announced to everybody about her baptismal date and everybody is so happy for her. We couldn't tell anyone about it... it was hard since everyone cares about her so much! We're suuuuper happy about it.

Yesterday an Irmão came to church on his tractor. #ofcourseihadtotakeapic

Amo todos vocês!! Tenham uma boa semana. Beijos de Cristalina <3
Com amor,
Sister Hill

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