Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sis Heck - my Beloved MTC Companion - and other tender mercies

Oi pessoal! This week was good and we worked haaaard. The Lord blessed us <3

I think it was Tuesday that we found a worker guy named Amilton in the street and we contacted him (this week we tried to talk to everybody...) and he was super receptive and said he would even come to church this week and bring his family! (every person in the street says they'll come to church #southamericamissionprobs)

And on Sunday, Sister Costancio was giving a talk and I saw that a little group of people showed up at the door... I was like 'who is this man?.....' and I looked at his face and recognized that it was Amilton, who had brought his wife and three children. I didn't recognize him at all because when we found him he was all dirty, having just finished working, and in a bright yellow Banco do Brasil shirt... and he came to church all fancy in a collared shirt and with his entire family, and it was so funny seeing Sister Costancio's face as she was trying not to get a huge grin on her face during the middle of her talk :) They were our miracle family!!!!! And they stayed until the 3rd class when the yw wanted to go home, but they said for sure they're going to come next week. We really feel that the Lord blessed us with this miracle because we busted our tails this week in finding new people to teach.

And PAULA. Paula is the sister & daughter of some recent converts in the ward, her brother (15) is super active, always participating in the lessons with the Elders, never misses Church... and when Alexandre was baptized along with their other brother and their mom, Paula (21) felt pressured and decided she didn't want to be baptized. And she's never accepted missionaries before. But Sister Costancio and I feel like she's our best friend, we see her all the time and we gave a Book of Mormon to her a couple weeks ago and taught her the Restoration. But we haven't pressured anything on her.
Long story short... yesterday was her 3rd time coming to church. After almoço the Elders had a baptism, and she came and really liked it.
And we had a super spiritual 'lesson' (conversation) with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she said the closing prayer and it was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard. #wesetagoalwithher #August29th She's one of the first people I've met in my mission that I really feel like in the Pre-mortal Existence, Sister Costancio and I promised that we would find her and help her to know the restored gospel <3

Today is my 11-month mark. :) Time flies by way too fast. I love my mission and I am so grateful to see how my relationship with my Savior is changing me. <3
This week I read and studied Alma 5, and a verse caught my eye that I haven't pondered in a while:

14 And now behold, ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of GodHave ye received his image in your countenances? Havye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?

Brethren of the church, have we received His image in our countenances? When people look at us and talk with us, can they feel that we are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ? Can they feel our testimonies of the restored gospel? Have we experienced this mighty change in our hearts? I loved every one of these questions. I know that God has blessed us with knowledge of this great work for a reason! I know that people feel and observe the way we act and respond. They see a difference. May we always be making sure that we have the image of Jesus Christ in our countenances. <3

Muito amor! Beijos!
Sister Hill

After Having Lunch with Denis:)

Sister Heck (companion from MTC) and I at Mission Conference <3

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