Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Full Chapel

This week was good and suuuuuper long, but it was good! We went to Jardim Ingá on Wednesday for our first zone meeting of the transfer... since Cristalina is in the middle of nowhere and it's 3 1/2 hours by bus to get there :) We received some great training there and then came back to Cristalina for English class.

Friday started with a popcorn cake (it consists of a bowl of popcorn with sugar... and a candle stuck in the top;) from Sister Costancio, and a cookie cake (consists of cookies put on a plate drizzled in sweetened condensed milk with a lit candle stuck in the middle;) from the other Sisters <3 we worked for a few hours, got milkshakes and went to the crystal market... then we went home to grap the Progress Report for a meeting with our ward mission leader. When we got in the dark chapel through the back door, there was a surprise party that the Elders and Sisters had planned, aww :) Pictures are on Elder Nordfelt's camera :P Elder Todt makes amazing cakes o.O What a nice gathering it was :) My companion is waaaaay good at lying #iseriouslythoughtweweregoingtoameeting great birthday :) (and yes mom, the package arrived...got it on wednesday, just in time:)

Saturday we visited Edivaldo and he took us to his cousin's house down the street, it was great to visit with her. It was super hilarious at the end of the lesson, when we asked Maria if she would come to church with us the next day she said she wasn't sure because the members of the other church come to pick her up from her house sunday mornings to take her to their meetings (que chato -_-), so she said she wouldn't commit to anything. We then asked Edivaldo if he would go to church the next day, and he promptly replied "No." Sister Costancio said that she noticed both of our faces completely dropped as we were completely in shock... he had been telling us all week he would go to church with us, and all of a sudden he said 'no'... he continued, 'Tomorrow I'm going to your church!' and we busted up laughing because he had completely thought we were inviting him to go to another church's meeting... ;) #missionarylife

And he went for the first time! It was great seeing him in church, he seemed happy :) Denis was there too, he's still preparing to be baptized this Saturday!!! We're going to work super hard this week to prepare him so that he can also feel that he's ready. He fell into an old drinking problem about a month ago and stopped, and I think he's a little afraid of messing up again but we know he won't. :) He's awesome. And at FHE last night gave us 4 sisters necklaces too cute <3

Today for p-day we went to a cool little mini-beach, it was sooooo beautiful. Great waterfalls.. too bad we cant get in the water :P but it was great anyway! we played soccer and guitar :)

And these days I'm obsessed with the kites that the boys fly at the end of the city.. in mine and Sister's area, we see TONS of these paper kites every day, and I wanted one. So I ordered one from a guy in the street, and when I went the next day to pick it up he hadn't made it yet -_- and a boy was like 'you want mine? 2 reais!' #minhaprimeirapipanoBrasil #myfirstbraziliankite

all is well in Zion!
have a great week!

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