Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oi, minha familia e amigos!!
Sister Heck and I performed in the devotional yesterday! I played flute, she played violin. And Elder Johnston in our district accompanied us on the piano. We've been practicing fo 2 weeks now, it was nice to finally get it over with. It went great! This cute sister from South Africa, Sister Percence, came up to me after and told me how she LOVES flutes...we talked about it for a little while. Made my day!! I love any opportunity to play music. I love playing in church. let's say I've gotten reeeeeally good at the hymns;) (this computer is super slow, i promise i'm not trying to be horrible with punctuation-_-)

Last day at the temple was this morning. Super bittersweet for that. I tried my best to cherish every second in there. Sao Paolo temple today. I'm going to miss going!!!! <3 <3 :'(

So me and Sister Heck became best friends with like 5 brasilian sisters this past week. They were in our room every night partying it up with us. talking about who knows before the mission...yaddah yaddah. :) And then they LEFT US yesterday :'( Saddest day of my LIFE. I'm going to miss them soooooooooo much. I already miss them. It's crazy how fast you grow close to people in the CTM.

So! My last week in the CTM! Pretty crazy, huh? Now our district is the district that has been in the CTM the longest (Americans.) Super weird how that happened so fast!! Time seriously just flies by here!! There's no stopping it!!

Spiritual thought for the week:
The power of prayer!! Prayer is SO real!!!!!! I love it!!!! And even more than just prayer...KNEELING prayer. It's real. So real. Heavenly Father DOES hear our prayers, and He will answer them!!!! When Christ visited the Nephites, He said a kneeling prayer to His Father. CHRIST did. If Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer and the Son of God, can KNEEL to talk to His Father... oh how much more WE need to kneel!!! I truly believe there is so much power in prayer. I wish I could describe it better...but there really is just something so amazing about being able to converse with God, the Father of heaven and earth, whenever we need to. Pretty incredible.

Not too much time today...last P-Day for a little bit!! Next time I'll write, I'll be in O CAMPO (the field)!!!!!!! Crazyyyy!!!!!

Muito amor,

Sister Hill

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